IVF Lab and Operation Theater

Journey to IVF Lab and Operation Theater Set up...

Modular IVF Lab

World Class Equipments

  • HERAcell 150i Co2 Incubator
  • MINC Benchtop Trigas Incubator
  • OLYMPUS Inverted Stereozoom Microscope
  • Narishighe Micromanupulator (ICSI Machine)
  • Working Station with Laminar Air Flow System
  • Lab Guard System


Separate OPU And Embryo Transfer Operation Theater

Team IVF Photo in IVF Lab, HERAcell image, ICSI machine image, Working platform image, IVF OT, Gynec Obs OT




  • Ali13/11/2018Hi Please provide total cost of IVF treatment. I was married 7 years ago.
  • Rupesh Shah04/11/2018I want to know the total IVF cost , success ration in 1st attempt , is surrogacy possible.? pls get back with me. Thanks
  • 565464504/10/2018bcvbzdfh
  • fsdf04/10/2018aSFAD
  • Monideepa Parmar22/07/2018Trying to concieve since last 3 years..but not getting positive result..married since last 5 yrs.. Very hopeless now. So got a hope from ur hospital.
  • Harsh singh06/07/2018Married 4 Years ago still trying for baby want to know IVF and iuo right tube block
  • af13/06/2018Hello World
  • Krushna Mahapatra16/11/2017I want to know the total cost of ivf...sucess ratio of 1st attempt.. payment mode.... should I go iui or ivf..
  • Prajapti ashvin29/10/2017I'm donet my sperm
  • Lav Shah11/04/2017I want to know the cost of one cycle of IVF treatment...
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